Dumbbell Only – Full Body Circuit!

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Full Body Circuit, Dumbbell Only Banner Image

This at-home friendly workout specifically targets your quads & glutes, shoulders, back & core! 

Circuits like this one are definitely one of my current favorite types of workouts!  Incorporating strength training and combination movements that alternate between upper and lower extremities to get a great full-body sweat.  You don’t always need cardio or high-impact movements to burn a significant amount of calories!

Here’s my tip for you when performing this workout: focus on the quality of your movements rather than speed! If you’re rushing your workout you could be compromising your form which is never a good thing.  Take it slow if you need to, don’t forget to engage your core before movement.

Here’s the workout:

  1. Front Squat + RDL | x8-10 Reps

  2. Shoulder Press + Hold | x8-10 Reps Each Arm

  3. Open/Close Lunges | x8-10 Reps Each Leg

  4. Dumbbell High Pulls | x10-12 Reps

  5. Fire Hydrant Circles | x30 Seconds Each Leg

  6. Kneeling Row to Press | x8-10 Reps Each Arm

  7. Mountain Climber Taps | x10-12 Reps Each Leg

  8. Knee Tuck + Leg Lift | x30-40 Seconds

**METHOD: Complete one exercise immediately after the other in a circuit fashion.  Repeat 3-4x; resting 30-90 seconds in between each set.

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