Full Body Circuit - Dumbbell Only

This at-home friendly, Full Body Circuit will be sure to get your heart rate up and the sweat dripping! All your need are a pair of dumbbells, I used a pair of 3kg and 5kg as shown in the video clips!

The video provides you with some important tips to keep in mind while performing each exercise movement! Keep these tips in mind as you move through the workout. I always like to focus on keeping my form clean and movements controlled, so I can get the most bang for my buck!

More workouts just like this one can be found in my Home & HIIT downloadable guides here, as well as my instagram account: @danaoleksuk_fitness

Here’s the workout!


  1. Curtsy Lunge + Lateral Raise x8-10 Each Leg

  2. Double Pause Squats x10-12 Reps

  3. Renegade Row + Kickback x8-10 Reps Each Arm

  4. Plank Tuck + Jump x10-12 Reps

  5. JM Press x10-12 Reps

  6. Half Kneeling Wood Chop x8-10 Each Side

  7. L-Drops x12-15 Reps

**Repeat 3-4x through!

Go get em! Happy Sweating!