Light Dumbbell + Body Weight Obliques

Feel the burn with this fun & spicy oblique workout! There are 6 total movements, a few of which are unilateral, meaning you'll have to work each side separately!

Obliques are one of my favorite core muscles to target (right after the Transverse Abdominals, of course!). I usually like to pair my core workouts with either an Upper Body, Glutes or Cardio workout. This particular core workout is a little longer so, personally, I would pair this with 20-30 minutes of cardio for a complete workout!

You could do a run, a walk/run interval, or even a HIIT/TABATA workout. I have a few Full Body HIIT & Cardio workouts available here for you to try!

This Core Workout should take you between 10-15 Minutes to complete depending on how many sets you do.

Important: Make sure you spend some time stretching once your done! The Standing C-Stretch or the Torso Twist Stretch would be great options!


  1. Sitting Rotational Sweeps 1x0-12 Reps Each Side

  2. Side Plank Hip Dips *Modification Available* x10-12 Reps Each Side

  3. Elevated Windshield Wipers x8-10 Reps Each Side

  4. Heel Reaches x30-40 Seconds

  5. Scissor Crunch x10-12 Reps Each Side

  6. Standing Woodchop x8-10 Reps Each Side

**Repeat 2-3x