Pregnancy/Postpartum Core + Glutes Workout

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Pregnancy & Postpartum Core and Glutes Workout Banner

This is a low-impact, lower body and core workout. These movements are perfect for pre/postnatal women, and those new to fitness. Try it as a circuit, or complete each exercise individually before moving on to the next exercise.

Maybe you’re pregnant or you just recently had a baby.

Or, maybe you’re fairly new to fitness and you’re looking for a great, entry-level workout that will leave you feeling strong and satisfied. This is a great workout for all of the scenarios above!

Core training is SO important. Whether you’re pregnant, postpartum or you’ve been working out for years – it’s always a good idea to train your core. A strong core provides your body with stability and balance through regular day-to-day activities. It can also help to relieve back pain, improve your posture, and allows for other muscle groups to work in harmony together.

These lower body movements will help to strengthen your pelvic floor (also great for pregnant & postpartum women) as well as your glutes, which is a plus for anyone!

Some important things to remember while performing these movements:

  1. Engage your Core!

  2. Exhale on Exertion!

  3. Slow and Controlled Movements!

Focus on keeping your core engaged throughout all of these exercises. If you feel your core starting to lose engagement – stop, readjust, and start again.

Be sure to exhale during exertion! For example, this means you should be breathing out while lowering down into a squat, or while lifting your hips up during a glute bridge.

Keep your movements slow and controlled! Form is everything, never sacrifice your form for the number of repetitions. If you have to lower your repetitions in order to obtain proper form, then do so!