Pregnancy/Postpartum Workout Modifications

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

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Working out while pregnant/postpartum can be challenging. Some movements are just too strenuous on your body, especially your pelvic floor. Try some of these modifications to safely and effectively workout while pregnant!

I’ve been there! Pregnant and scared in your ever-changing, growing body. Postpartum and wanting to get back into a workout regimen, but not quite sure what you’re body is ready to handle. It can be terrifying, but try not to look at it that way! What your body is doing/did is so, so AMAZING and you should have some respect for it. Your body can and will get back to feeling like it once did prior to pregnancy, but it will take a little time and a lot of hard work.

I remember not knowing how to get a good workout in while pregnant – you know, the kind that leaves you dripping sweat, yet so, so satisfied. The truth is, a lot of high-intensity movements are just too much for a pregnant body to handle – the jumping, twisting and turning isn’t meant for you or your growing bump.

I remember being only a few weeks postpartum, looking in the mirror and thinking, “Okay, this is terrible, but where do I even start?!” The key thing here is starting small, I’m talking really, really small. Start with deep core breathing exercises, like the core breath (kegels), or Cat Cows. Once you’ve mastered that, slowly start adding very light movements into your routine. Remember, that you should never start actually exercising until you are cleared to do so by your doctor!

The workout above is for pregnant women who have been cleared for exercise by their doctor, and/or postpartum women who have also been cleared by their doctors for exercise. Please note that this is not the first workout you’ll want to try after being cleared postpartum, you’ll want to begin much smaller.

So, here are some awesome HIIT movements that have been modified to be pregnancy/postpartum safe! They don’t place nearly as much strain on your pelvic floor as the original movements; however, they’ll still get your heart rate up, and leave you feeling sweaty and satisfied.

The clip will be the original movement, followed immediately by the modified version. Here’s what I have above:

  1. X-Jumps

  2. Burpees

  3. Jumping Lunges

  4. Squat Jumps

  5. Skaters

Try doing 8-12 reps of each, with 3-5 sets total! Remember you can always follow me on Instagram for more workout ideas and pregnancy/postpartum modifications @DanaZimmFit

Happy sweating, ladies!