Pregnancy Safe Full Body At-Home Workout

If you're pregnant and wanting to move your body safely and effectively, you'll want to try out this Full Body At-Home Workout!

Working out during pregnancy tends to get harder and harder as your pregnancy progresses, but don't let that discourage you from moving you body all together! Pregnancy is a great time to learn to listen to your body and what it's telling you. Some days you may have a ton of energy and enjoy walking, working out and being on your feet, and other days you'll find it hard to even get out of bed. This is OK!

Take advantage of those days where you have all the energy and queue up this workout when you're feeling up for it! All you need are a pair of dumbbells and a good playlist to get you through!

Make sure you engage your core before beginning and exercise movement! To engage your core: Inhale into your belly (not your chest), then exhale to engage your core. Pull your belly in as if you're wrapping your core around your spine, and lift your pelvic floor. Keeping your core engaged throughout each exercise movement will not only help to stabilize your body through each movement, but it will also help to strengthen your core.

If you're looking for some guidance throughout your pregnancy journey, I have prenatal at-home workout guides available here!

Okay, onto the workout!

  1. Split Squat Punches 30-40 Seconds Each

  2. Squat + Upright Row x10-12 Each

  3. Bent Arm Lateral Raise into T x8-10 Reps

  4. Tricep Kickback Taps x30-40 Seconds

  5. Bird Dog Hold + Row x10-12 Each

  6. Reverse Table Top March x30-40 Seconds

**Repeat the circuit 3-4x; resting for 1-2 Minutes in between each set. Let your heart rate come back down and don't forget to hydrate!