Upper Body + Core

Hey, there! I hope you're ready for a great Upper Body & Core workout!

This workout focuses on Tri’s, Bi’s & Chest with a deep core strengthening circuit at the end!

This one is actually pulled right out of one of my Home & HIIT Programs that's available here! We usually have 1-2 Upper Body strength training days a week within my Home & HIIT programs, and one of which is paired with core or made into an Upper Body Cardio workout.

Sometimes it can be tricky to actually feel like you're getting a good workout in when you focus on smaller muscle groups like your biceps and triceps. When training these muscles, I like to slow down the tempo (increase time under tension) or focus create combination movements that essentially focus on more than one muscle group at a time.

Remember to keep your movements slow and controlled! Focus on keep your form clean and making a mind-muscle connection during each movement.

Let's get onto the workout!


1. Underhand Row + Bicep Curl x8-10 Reps

2. Seated Dumbbell Front Press x10-12 Reps

3. JM Press x10-12 Reps

**Repeat 3-4x


1. Neutral Press + Tricep Ext. x8-10 Reps

2. Drag Curls x10-12 Reps

3. Dumbbell Pull Over x10-12 Reps

**Repeat 3-4x


1. Tension Dead Bugs x10-12 Each

2. Bent Leg Lateral Drops x10-12 Each

3. Plank Walk-ins x30-40 Seconds

**Repeat 3-4x

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