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If you're reading this, chances are you're currently working out from home or you're wanting to start!  Either way, you're in the right place!  I spent years of my fitness journey working out from home and saw some of the best results of my life during that time!
Working out from home has so many benefits. It's convenient, it saves you time and money, and let's be honest, excuses!
The BEST part: You don't need much to start and everything is yours to keep forever!  It can be an investment, but in the end, it's definitely well worth the money spent.
For starters, you're going to want at least 2 sets of dumbbells.  Over time, I would definitely recommend investing in more of a variety, but you can get away with minimal equipment to start.  I would suggest something light (between 5-7lbs) and something medium (between 10-15lbs) for a starting point.  My favorite dumbbells are the black hex dumbbells linked HERE. They are clean and sleek, and easy to buy individually, too!
If you can, invest in one heavier pair too (20-30lbs), so you can optimize your lower body lifts and really challenge yourself!  After some time, fill in the gaps with more of a variety (5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5, 20, 25's, 30's etc.).  This will allow you to really narrow in on your lifts and focus on progressive overload.
Next, you'll want a yoga mat or some kind of gym flooring if you're looking to make your space a bit more permanent!  Choosing a mat that doesn't pill over time is honestly the best bang for your buck so you're not constantly replacing it!  Here's one that doesn't pill and can withstand all the planks and lunges known to man!  I've also used this gym flooring in the past if you're wanting to lay down some flooring in a more permanent space; however, I don't recommend using this as a yoga mat because the squares will try to pull apart during plank movements and such.
Bands are great because they're inexpensive, add variety to your workouts, and can really challenge your muscles in a whole new way!  There are a couple of different types of bands I would recommend having, I'll link them all for you below:


1. Thin Loop Bands: These are great for beginners.  They come in a variety pack so you can choose your resistance for different exercises.  In the past, I've used light resistance for things like shoulder pull-apart, rows, and core work.  And I've used the heavier resistance for squats, lateral walks, and glute bridges!


2. Thick Loop Bands:  These are great for lower body work!  You can still choose your resistance for different movements.  For example, the lighter resistance might be good for lateral squat walks or abductions, while the heavier bands would be great for squats or progressions!


3. Long Loop Bands:  These are amazing for variety and progressive overload.  You can buy individually or in a variety pack with different resistances.  You can really mimic a lot of cable work and machines with these bands.  We use them in my membership for things like lat pulldowns, RDLs, tricep extensions, etc.!
Having a bench or a bench equivalent is really important!  This way, you're able to use a seat, step-up, incline, or decline for movements that require them.  I'm sharing with you the one that I use and love HERE.  Most standard gym benches are actually too high for things like hip thrusts and KAS Glute Bridges, which makes this bench ideal!  You can change the height, and even prop it up for a bench incline which allows for so much variety in your workouts!  If investing in a bench is too much, you can get away with using a sturdy cooler for some time!  Just put something heavy inside of it so it doesn't move around too much.
These other items I would consider accessory stuff that is great to have, but not super necessary!  Having a kettlebell is great for swings and cleans and a swiss ball for stability or core work (also killer for at-home hamstring curls).  Again, these are great to have but you can get away with not having them, too!
Most of my clients work out from home and are seeing amazing results from doing so!  If you're wanting a program that can help you reach your goals from home, the DO Fitness Membership would be an amazing fit for you!  Check out all of the details the membership entails HERE


Thanks for stopping by and happy sweating!
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