How to Tackle your Health & Fitness During the Busy Holiday Season

We are about to enter into the busiest 6-weeks of the year. From the week of Thanksgiving until the New Year our schedules are packed with holiday shopping, parties, and events for work and school, not to mention all of the extra cooking, cleaning, and preparing for guests.

How does one simply manage all the extra tasks PLUS stay on top of their health and fitness goals?

Before you get overwhelmed (if you're not already), take a deep breath and think of it this way: Technically, it's just 4 days.
1. Thanksgiving
2. Christmas Eve
3. Christmas Day
4. New Year's Eve (and New Year's Day if you have somewhere to attend).

That's it.

Between those days, of course, there will be parties and gatherings with indulging and staying up later than you normally would, and that's OK! That's all part of the process, it comes with the territory.

It's so easy to think to ourselves, "oh no, I missed a couple of days and now my progress is shot and I should just wait until the New Year when life settles down to really tackle my goals." But, I want you to try really hard to block out that "All or Nothing" mindset.

Your goals are not shot. You did not fail. Your progress is not ruined.

Instead of going in with a mindset that we'll be able to attend to our regular fitness and nutrition schedules, why don't we go into this season with a more realistic approach?
Maybe that means 3-4 workouts per week instead of your usual 4-5 workouts.
Maybe that means going to bed early on the weeknights because you know you'll have a couple of late nights over the weekend.
→ Maybe that means committing to early morning workouts because you know your afternoons and evening will be full of holiday shopping and getting your kids to their events.
→ Maybe that means ordering in one night a week because it saves you an extra hour of cooking and cleaning in the kitchen.
→ Maybe that means saying no to a couple of events because you know just how stressed you're feeling and you need a night to yourself.
Let's get in a headspace of keeping things super simple for these next 6-weeks rather than trying to go above and beyond.

After all, this is supposed to be the most joyful season of the year! Let's make it just that!