My Top 5 Tips to regaining Strength & Confidence Postpartum

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a new momma or maybe you’re a momma-to-be! Either way, congratulations to you and your growing family!


Your body has undergone such an amazing and beautiful transformation. Through the thick of it all, I think we often forget just how much time and effort it takes our bodies to create, grow and deliver a tiny human. Think about it – what our bodies are capable of doing in only 9-months time is simply amazing!

In today’s world with social media outlets at our fingertips, there is so much pressure to “bounce back” after having a baby, and let me tell you that it’s not that simple. Even for someone like myself who has been physically active my whole life, and throughout my pregnancy, your body is not going to just drop back to normal after you deliver your baby. You are going to carry around extra baby weight (for probably) longer than you were planning on, and that’s ok.

This is normal. It’s part of the healing process.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t take small steps in the right direction to help you get back on track! It is possible to be confident and comfortable in your own skin again post-baby (hence to point of this blog post)! It’s going to take patience, consistency, and a lot of grace. Not only is adjusting to becoming a mom (or becoming a mom again) time-consuming and physically draining, but it’s going to take a little more effort to make yourself a priority with a million other things on the “do-to” list.

So, with that being said, I wanted to share some things that have helped me regain my strength and confidence after having a baby! I’m a firm believer that when you do good for yourself, you’re able to do even better for others. Which is why I value health and fitness SO DANG MUCH! Working out and spending a few minutes each day on myself helps me be a better mom to my son and a better wife to my husband. They deserve my best, which is why I make it a point to be my best. Here are my tips for YOU:

1. I stayed active during my pregnancy

Even on the days that I had zero energy and a poor mindset, I made it a point to get up and move my body. I went for TONS of walks, completed pregnancy-safe weight training circuits when I felt up for it and found ways to move my body every day! This helped me maintain a healthy pregnancy weight gain.

2. I listened to my doctors and midwives

This is SO, so important. Jumping back into exercise too soon can cause more harm than good. I waited for the OK to start exercising, and asked questions when I had them!

3. I spent time reconnecting with my core and pelvic floor

I started with Deep Breathing Techniques (watch how to perform the Core Breath in my recent blog post Here), then slowly introduced restoring movements to my daily routine. The first few weeks postpartum are a precious time for this.

4. I started small

I didn’t jump into anything too strenuous too soon (helloooo Pelvic Floor Dysfunction). I listened to my body and only did what felt right because trust me, there were a lot of things that didn’t feel right.

5. I was consistent

I know, this is the toughest one of all. Being a new mom brings so many new challenges, and lack of time is definitely not on our side. My advice for you is to express to your partner how important this is for you. Make sure they know how much you value even 20-30 minutes to yourself each day.

I made sure my husband knew how much I wanted to lose the baby weight and regain my strength, so he made sure I spent some time on ME. We balanced time with the baby, feedings, diaper changes, EVERYTHING! Chances are your partner loves you with their whole heart, and they want to see you succeed. So don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.